Free Case for iPhone4 to Slove Reception Problems


I don't own an iPhone so I was unaware of any problems, however today in a press conference, Steve Jobs spoke about the iPhone's antenna problem and what Apple is doing to repair it.

It seems that the problem is caused by the way most people hold their phone which blocks the internal antenna. To fix the problem, they are going to provide users with a free case called the bumper. Users that already purchased a bumper (retailing for $29) will be able to get a refund. I didn't watch the entire conference, but from what I understand all you need to do is bring your phone to the local Apple or AT&T store.

Call your local store before going, because since Steve Jobs just made the announcement today they might not have received instructions yet on how to provide the free case or refund.

If you would like more information, just hope over to Google's News Search for the latest articles and information regarding "antennagate."


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