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Earlier this week, I told you about my favorite Blackberry app, Poynt. After making that post, I realized that sometimes it's hard to determine which apps are worth downloading. So here are a few of my favorite free apps from the BB app world.  Besides the apps listed below, check out for free wallpapers, ringtones, and more.

I am writing this list based on the Blackberry Storm 2 with service through Verizon. Some apps might not be available for your model and/or service provider.

Hearts - Most half decent games cost money, but this free version of Hearts is actually really nice.

Facebook - I believe Facebook comes pre-loaded on most of the phones, but if not you should download it. This app is great because besides updating your status, you can use it to find phone numbers or email addresses of your friends if they have the information on their profile.

Pandora - Turn your phone into a digital radio. You choose an artist and the software will create a personalized station with similar music.

QuickPull - Anyone that uses a Blackberry knows how important it is to pull your battery and reset the phone once in a while to clear the memory and help it run smoothly. This app simulates a battery pull and will refresh your phone to increase your performance.

Skype Mobile - I'm a huge fan of Skype and use it to stay in touch with my friends through group conversations. Being able to take these conversation windows on the road is a great benefit. I've never used Skype to make actual phone calls, but from what I understand you can use the Skype app to save money if you need to make an international call.

The following free apps are for touch screens only.

BIC Concert Lighter - Turns your phone into a virtual lighter. You can wave it in the air at a concert when real lighters are banned but the song just calls for some light.

Make a Mess - Enjoy finger painting without the mess. This app is sponsored by Delta Faucets who want you to know that their sinks will make cleaning your biggest mess an easy task.

teslaPad - Create virtual electricity. This is kind of pointless yet somehow entertaining. Touch your screen and you will cause lightning to strike at your fingertips. You'll see the lightning bolts along with some sound effects and your phone will vibrate.

I also created posts for the iPhone and Droid, but I do not have any personal experience with either phone. Now it's your turn. Please share which apps you have downloaded and love.


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