Back to School = Slow Down of Posts


Hi everyone!

I don't normally post personal stuff here on Making Cents of It, but since it might affect my ability to update I wanted to let you all know the good news.

I am very excited to announce that I recently accepted a new teaching position. Today was my first day and it made me realize that with the school year starting, I will not be able to update as quickly as usual.  I will be searching for a new apartment closer to work, but for now I'm commuting 1.5 hours each way.

Three hours in the car, plus eight hours in the classroom, plus lesson planning, and sleeping equals very little time for ME right now. I promise that my new job will not cause Making Cents of It to shut down. I really enjoy working on this blog and I will keep it going. The only thing is that I will not be able to update the same moment I find a deal. Most updates will take place in the evening or early morning. Once I move and the school year is underway, I should be back to posting on a normal-ish schedule.

I just wanted to let you know so you didn't wonder if I feel off the Earth.


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