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We all love saving money but when you wake up late and run out of the house how do you save money on breakfast? WalletPop has a great list of inexpensive breakfasts that don't take a lot of time to make.

This power meal is quick and easy. It's also one of the healthiest whole grain options (high in fiber; low in fat), and the least expensive -- at just .20/serving. Add a little milk, some fruit (frozen blueberries are inexpensive, at just .60/serving), and your grand total is 88 cents.

Oatmeal is a great breakfast because it comes in a few different packaging types that are all inexpensive. If you are busy and rush out of the house, individual cups might cost about $1. If you buy a container and pour it into a microwavable bowl, your serving cost can go as low as $0.20 per serving if not less.

Egg sandwich
No frugal breakfast list is complete without eggs -- one of the cheapest, most versatile sources of protein. Concerned about fat and cholesterol? Then use the whites. At just .20/serving (based on the cost of a dozen eggs at $2.50), plus the cost of reduced fat cheese (.25), and whole grain toast (.41), your total -- for a delicious, sure-to-please sandwich -- comes to just 86 cents.

Eggs often go on sale for under a $1 for a dozen so this is a great breakfast. Hard boil your eggs at night and you'll have a quick grab and go breakfast in the morning.

See a few more suggestions when you read the full article, Back to school breakfasts for about $1.


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