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Every day people pay fees for things that they can get for free. Is it because they don't know better? Are they too lazy to do the research? Or is it just that they are loyal to a company that doesn't deserve it. Wallet Pop has come up with a list of Ten Things That Aren't Free But Should Be.

Information Calls
How to get it free? Google offers all kinds of free services, but this is one of the best. Instead of paying your cell phone company to call 411, use Google's 411 information service for free. For only the price of a call or text message, you can find a business and be connected to it. It will give you the phone number and connect you to the business for free by calling 1-800-GOOG-411 from any phone. You then state your location and type of business you're looking for, and are connected to the business for free.
I have been using Goog411 for a while now.  It's one of my speed dials so I can easily find phone numbers when needed.  The only downside is you need to know exactly what you're looking for because it is a computer, not a person, on the other end.

Another option for free phone numbers is an app for smart phones. There are a few out there, but I personally use Poynt which uses your phones GPS (or cell site location on Verizon) to find you local places. It has search features for businesses, people, restaurants, and more.

Movie Rentals
How to get it for free? Redbox is going after customers with coupon codes to get them to try its rental kiosks.

And there's always the local library to rent movies from for free.
Don't forget that whenever I find new promotional codes for either Redbox or Blockbuster Express, I post them here.

How to get it for free? Many e-books are free to listen to, mostly public domain books where you won't see the latest bestsellers. But if you want to hold a book in your hand and not have to buy it, go to your local public library. They're everywhere and most have the latest bestsellers to check out (you might have to put your name on the waiting list, but it'll get to you) -- along with events such as sleepovers for teddy bears. Or an even simpler idea: query your Facebook friends about whether any of them have the title you're looking for. Chances are somebody will. And a "friend" is more likely to send it off to you for free. If you ask nicely.
Libraries still exsist? Who knew.  But seriously, you can get tons of stuff at your library including movies, music, and books.  If your library doesn't have something you want, ask.  As a library card carrying citizen, you can request new books and media.

Read the full article on Wallet Pop.


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