Saving Money When Moving


Each day, people around the country move to new homes. I am currently in the process of moving and it got me thinking. How can you save money when you move?

Many stores will allow you to take empty boxes when they restock the shelves. I personally find that if you head to Walmart around midnight you will get your pick of boxes. Consider the original item packed in the boxes to judge what you could fit. For example, the boxes that hold heavy items are made of stronger cardboard and will hold more. Liquor stores also have great boxes because they're designed to hold those heavy bottles.

I find that dollar store packing tape works just as well as the more expensive options. Just be sure to check the length of tape because you might not actually be getting a deal. I saw a 50 yard roll at the dollar store but a 100 yard roll for $1.50 at Walmart.

It never hurts to ask your friends for help. If you're just moving somewhere in town, you can rent a truck and have a few friends help you lift everything. Just be sure to buy them dinner as a thank you.

If you must pay professional movers, make sure they are professional. Picking a random stranger from the classifieds might be a few dollars cheaper, but they're not going to be insured if something gets broken. Always ask for references and price quotes so you can check a few companies and select the one which you feel most comfortable using.

Rental Truck
Determine the size vehicle you will need and compare prices. If you only need a small truck, consider renting a minivan or SUV instead. You can put the seats down and have the flat back. I always used a minivan when moving in and out during college.  Also be sure to check the fine print of the rental. Some places have lower prices but will charge you per mile.

Whether you're moving across town or across the country, good luck in your new home and remember that Making Cents of It always helps you find great deals at national chains and online.


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