Shared Reading: What to Buy and What to Skip at Duty Free


For anyone that travels, Duty Free can be your favorite place. However it's not always the best deals. AOL's Travel blog has created a list of the deals and not deals at Duty Free.

What to buy?

Buying duty free liquor can net you some deep discounts, since the tax alone can be staggering on some brands.

In New York City, for instance, packs of smokes cost around $11, with roughly $4.50 of that going to tax. That means buying a carton of cigarettes at duty free can save you over $75 in tax.
Just be aware that most countries limit the amount of controlled substances such as alcohol and tobacco that you can bring across the border.

What to avoid?

It can be highly tempting to nab what seems to be a great deal on a laptop, but you're best to steer clear. More often than not, most duty free stores don't have the latest and greatest in electronics, so you wind up paying close to top dollar for an outdated unit.
Also it will be harder to return the electronics if they're broken because you're not near the store. Skip the electronics and make these kind of purchases at stores you trust locally. It will save you in the long run.

Read the full article at AOL Travel.


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