Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: A Must See


From the moment the theater lights went dim (no trailers for a pre-screening) you could feel the tense, dark themes of the first part of this final installment of the Harry Potter franchise. Even the WB logo was redesigned to represent the dismal environment. There were changes made from the books, however they were all done in positive ways and I don't think any fans will be disappointed. The split was done at a good point in the story, so you will not feel annoyed as you exit the theater. Alright, you might be a little annoyed that you have to wait until July to see the chilling conclusion, but not because of the point they made the split. I don't want to go into more details on the actual story since I can very easily spoil the film if I'm not careful.

Although the filmmakers choose not to make the first part in 3D, you can tell it was the original plan because there were a few scenes, such as when brooms are flying, that make you think they're about to come over your head if they could leave the screen. I saw the film in its regular format and not IMAX, however I don't think it would have changed my opinion for this review. The CGI was amazing and just added to the overall tenseness of the film through dark marks, fog, and more. I will admit that I jumped out of my seat a few times.

The writers did a wonderful job of adding some humor to lighten the mood even through all the darkness thanks to the resident comedians, the Weasley twins. The acting was well done on all parts and you can tell that through ten years of playing these characters they have become part of the actors. I must admit that the best lines and acting went to... DOBBY. That's right, I felt that the few scenes Dobby was in, he stole the show.

For tickets and showtimes, check out your local theaters. I've heard the film is already sold out for at least the first weekend so try for early showings, or weekdays right after work if you haven't already purchased tickets. Make sure to check here first because I will be posting any movie theater deals I find including free food, drinks, and hopefully discounted tickets.

Ticketing sites:
Once again, thank you to Q102 Philly and GoFoBo for helping me get the passes to the pre-screening.


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