Which Was Your Favorite Superbowl Commercial?


We all know that the Superbowl has the best commercials of the year. Companies pay more money for thirty seconds of airtime than most of us will see in a lifetime. Now that the game is over and the commercials have been aired, which was your favorite? For me it's hard to pick just one. Below are my top five commercials. Please note that these are my favorite commercials but it doesn't mean I like the company or product. I listed this alphabetically by company.

Budweiser - While the main purpose of this commercial was to show Budweiser being enjoyed throughout the years, Eternal Optimism (as the commercial is titled on YouTube) really shows us a montage of amazing moments in history.

Honda CR-V - Who can forget Ferris Bueller's Day Off? 26 years later, this commercial began as a teaser which led fans to believe a sequel was being made.

Hulu Plus - When Hulu was all about free streaming I loved these commercials. This was still good, but if Hulu was really aliens trying to prepare our unknowing brains to eat, would they really charge us for it?

Metlife - Where's Waldo? My friend Chris pointed out that if you were to mute the commercial and have no idea what it was about, you would think it was a montage to a great childhood. This short commercial managed to include so many pop culture references from growing up.

The Voice - Even before the reveal I loved this commercial because it was just so humorous watching the judges fight to get to "the voice" first.

Which was your favorite commercial? Leave a comment below.


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