$35 for $70 to Vermont Teddy Bear


Right now on Living Social you can purchase a $70 Vermont Teddy Bear voucher for only $35.  These teddy bears are truly worth every penny because of their high quality.  I recommend buying this voucher if you need a baby gift, a birthday gift, or something just for the fun of it.

I know it's hard to believe, but there is a huge difference between a teddy bear and a Vermont Teddy Bear.  When I was younger, I received a Vermont Teddy Bear as a gift and from the moment the box arrived I could tell it was something special.  It came in a "space ship" box that even had an air hole.  When I accidentally ripped my teddy bear when I was moving I was really upset until I remembered that the company has a lifetime guarantee.
Every once in a while a tragedy will strike - a dog attack, a chance meeting with a lawn mower. When this happens it is very easy to become upset, lose your cool, maybe even freak out! But NEVER FEAR, health care is here, and we are not just talkin' any old health care, we are talkin' FREE, full coverage health care for your Bear's entire lifetime.
When he was all fixed up, he returned home in a hospital gown with some candy and instructions to complete his recovery. He has since stayed safe on a shelf.


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