Double Referral Credits on Dropbox


Do you remember when I talked about cloud storage? Well, I personally have been using Dropbox for ages and I love it. I have it installed on both my home and work computer so I can easily work on documents in both locations.  It's also helpful when you leave stuff on the printer as you run out the door in the morning.

Recently I learned about another cool feature of Dropbox. If you have a smartphone, you can install the app to see your documents on your phone. That's not the cool part though. The cool part is that you can set Dropbox to automatically upload any picture you take. These means that every picture taken on your phone will automatically be uploaded to your cloud storage so that you can see them on the computer and have an automatic back up for when the dog eats your phone (yes, he really turned it into a chew toy).

Right now, Dropbox is offering a really great deal on free storage. That's right, free storage. You get 2 GB free just for signing up. Getting bonus space is simple. When you refer new members, you'll get a 250MG bonus.  Recently, they've doubled the referral credit to 500 MB but I'm not sure how long the promotion will last.  You'll also get bonus storage for completing a few simple tasks that you'll find on the welcome page.

If you're a student, make sure to enter email on the special page.  Even when the current promotion ends, you'll continue to earn 500 MB for each referral.

Additional bonus storage can be earned through social networking. You've probably seen me tweet for the bonus storage before.  I've also posted to Facebook, but not on the Making Cents of It page.

With all these techniques, I currently have about 7 GB of storage for free.  Through referrals you can earn a maximum of 16 GB so I can still increase my free storage.  As I said, I love how DropBox has simplified my life.  If the free storage is not enough, DropBox does offer upgrades, but I'm not sure how competitive their prices are.


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