Possible Free $20 iTunes Gift Card for iPhone Users


The University of Michigan is doing some research and need iPhone users to take a short survey. To compensate you for your time, you will receive a free $20 iTunes gift card after completing the survey.

The survey will be sent to your phone so you must have an iPhone and I wasn't able to test this promotion all the way through.
The University of Michigan and New School for Social Research are conducting a study of the lives of iPhone users and how they use their iPhone. Participants will be contacted on their iPhone to complete a survey interview that last about 30 minutes. Shortly after the interview is completed, participants will be invited to a short online questionnaire about their experience during the interview.

Upon completion, participants will receive a $20 gift credit to the iTunes/App store as a token of our appreciation.

You must be at least 21 years old to participate and must live in the United States.

To see if you are eligible to participate you need to complete this brief questionnaire: https://r310.parsons.edu/surveys/index.php?sid=71488&lang=en (Source: Craigslist)

Disclaimer: This survey was posted on Craigslist. I believe it to be legitimate because it lists a university and the website is a .edu however I cannot test the survey all the way though. If you have an iPhone and complete the survey, please leave a comment for other members so we know if it works or not.


Anonymous said...

Works really well! I was a little skeptical at first, but I just got my $20 iTunes card.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is great! I actually received 25.00 credit. They text you with some info and call from 734-647-0000 number may be similar. It took about 2 weeks from the initial interest a text then a call, from Ann Arbor, MI in caller ID. These are personal questions so if you don't care this was a fun survey and they were really nice. You can opt to take it by text, with an automated operator or an actual person (that is what I chose). I would like to do it again! But they may deny me.

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