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It's been four years since the first Iron Man film was released in theaters. Since then, we have slowly been introduced to many superheroes from the Marvel universe. The Avengers is the culmination of years of anticipation.  Before I begin my review, I need to be honest with my readers and admit that I never saw all of the original films.  In fact, the only film I saw prior to The Avengers was Captain America: The First Avenger.

Right from the first scene, there was action as our villain for the film makes his first appearance. The action continues throughout and I found even the slower parts moved quickly.  Each hero was reintroduced in a way that fitted them and allowed viewers to receive a background if they hadn't seen the previous films.

The story was well written and flowed nicely.  I thought the battle scenes were full of action, but nothing seemed overly forced which was a nice change from most superhero films.  The best part of the film was how the team learned to work together.  Fans have seen them each as an independent force prior to The Avengers and the characters felt the same way.  While still a world of fantasy, it added a small bit of realism.  It wasn't just a "hey we're superheroes, let's stop the bad guy" feeling.  They even joked about it in one of the many funny quotes during the film.

As usual, I wasn't super impressed with the 3D action. Perhaps it's my eyes, but I just still don't see the technology worth the extra money. I do feel that anyone that is a fan of superheroes will enjoy the film.  I do plan to rent Iron Man because while I originally had no interest in the film, Robert Downey Jr's performance made me want to see the film that started it all.

The Avengers will be released nation wide on May 4, 2012.  If you buy your ticket on Fandango, you can get a free song download from the soundtrack.  Check your local movie theater's Facebook page for possible concession stand coupons.

Movie Rating for The Avengers

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