Movie Review: Men In Black 3


Warning: There is one scene that had a strobe like effect. Movie theaters might not warn you since it's short but if you suffer from medical issues, please be advised.

In Men in Black, we met Agents K (Tommy Lee Jones) and J (Will Smith) as they saved the planet from aliens we didn't know existed.  By Men in Black II, J has been through tons of new partners since no one could replace the retired K.  Now in Men in Black 3, J must travel back in time to save his partner's future which can in turn save the world.

MIB3 is a type of sequel and prequel all rolled up nicely into one.  It takes place ten years after MIB2, but 40 years before MIB at the same time.  We see how Agent K and J have grown as partners, but we also see the origins of K, along with MIB itself.

When an alien escapes from prison and gets hold of time traveling technology, he travels to the past to change the event that sent him to jail.  The prison was built to resemble something more secure than maximum security and is located in an interesting place.  Meanwhile, MIB must follow to set things right.

I loved the sets, both in 1969 and 2012.  The most memorable scenery was seeing inside Agent J's apartment compared to the inside of Agent K's apartment.  While in 1969, the scenery felt like it was pulled right out of history.  Starting in New York and culminating in Florida.  The backdrop of historic events during 1969 were folded into the story just as the World's Fair was used during the first Men in Black film.  As with the other Men in Black films, some very interesting celebrities are revealed to be aliens.

I am about to say something that I have never said before, but kept hope that I would one day be able to... This film is worth the extra $3 for 3D glasses.  From punches to throws to ricocheting objects, the 3D was incredible.  While I could sense the dimensions in the film, it never felt forced.  The best scene to describe without giving anything away would be just the appearance of the MIB headquarters.  You could really sense how far things were from each other and how the screen was curved, not a flat television.

My personal opinion of this film is that this is the best film of the franchise to date.  While it is the third film, it's not necessary to see the first two films to enjoy this installment.  This characters banter in a way that lets you see they have worked together for a while, however they don't refer to events from the first two films.  Those that have seen the first two films will notice a few small things referenced but not that effect the story line.

Men in Black 3 will be released nation wide on May 25, 2012. Fandango and KFC are offering you a deal for $5 off a 3D or IMAX ticket (max 2 tickets). Check your local theater's Facebook page for deals on concessions.

Movie Rating for Men in Black 3

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