Possible Free Toliet Paper at CVS


While I can't find this deal posted anywhere on CVS.com or their weekly flier, I did see it today when I stopped by CVS. They currently have a cardboard display advertising Cottonelle Toilet Paper with a designer roll cover for $1.99 with $1.99 back in Extra Care Bucks. The display says limit one, but when I purchased the toilet paper my receipt didn't say I had reached my limit. By the end, I got four free rolls of toilet paper with nice plastic cases.

Cottonelle has been advertising the free designer toilet paper covers with purchase for a while with $1.99 shipping or $2 (plus $1.99) for additional covers. This deal at CVS will give you the case AND a roll of toilet paper for free.  The roll cover is a nice plastic case and comes in three designs.

While you're at CVS, make sure you pick up your free Snickers bar this week.


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