Get $76 Or More When You Open an ING Direct Checking Account


I've talked about ING Direct before and I'll say it again. This bank currently offers some of the best deals. By cutting their overhead costs of actual stores, ING Direct passes their savings onto the customer. While you can't just walk into the bank, you can feel safe knowing your money is still protected by the FDIC. These promotions are for new customers only.

To celebrate the fourth of July, ING Direct is offering you financial independence with some great promotions to open a new account.

Checking Account - Get $76 for opening a new account and another $76 if you use direct deposit. That's a possible $152 total.

Refer two friends - When you refer two friends that both open new accounts, you'll get a $76 bonus. Both friends will also get their new customer promotions as well making this a win/win deal.

Kids/Teens Saving - Open up an account for a child and they'll get $17.76. Have a teen around? Teens will get $26.76 when you sign them up for a debit card.

There are also some promotions going on for investing and retirement, but those deals require large deposits to earn the reward. You can check out ING Direct if you are interested in trading.

Make sure you read all the fine print and details regarding these offers. While ING Direct is a great bank and I personally opened my account with a similar offer a few years ago, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure you get the promotional money. It's not as simple as opening the account and then withdrawing the cash.


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