$4 off $20 at CVS


Normally I don't post random coupons that come out of the coupon center at CVS because they're different all the time with no guarantees of what will print for you. This time, I have decided to post the coupon because CVS posted it on their Facebook page.

Scan your extra care card at the coupon center (price checker) at any CVS and a coupon for $4 off $20 will print out for you to use.  You must go before Wednesday (July 18, 2012).

Use your $4 coupon to save even more on this weeks sales.

  •  free - unreal bar ($0.75 extra care rewards)
  • $0.88 - 7Up, Canada Dry, AW, and Sunkist 2 liter bottles
  • $0.77 - Pepsi, Mountain Dew 2 liter bottles


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