Only $3 Difference Between Free and Premium Business Cards


Everyone knows that Vistaprint offers free business cards.  It's can be a great deal if you're starting out or just need cards for something random.  However, I recently noticed an interesting price difference.  When you factor in the shipping costs, it's only a $3 difference between the "free" cards and the premium cards.

The 250 free cards are from a limited selection and cannot be completely customized.  When you order free business cards, the back will have an advertisement for Vistaprint.  You must also pay for shipping, which is approximately $7.09.

Recently, Vistaprint has been running a promotion for premium business cards.  $10 will get you 250 business cards, including the shipping.  Therefore, for an extra $3 you will get more designs, complete customization, blank back, and shipping.

If you are planning to order business cards, go through Shop at Home (6% back) or eBates (5% back) for an even better deal.


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