Shared Reading: Discount Distortion: How Dollar Stores Actually Charge You More


Do you shop in dollar stores because you assume they're giving you the best deal? It's not always true but that's what they want you to think. Daily Finance recently posted an article comparing dollar store finds to leading retailers.

You would think the biggest discounts could be found at dollar stores; it's right there in the name. If it's a dollar it must be cheap, and if it's a dollar it must be a discount.
Consider something simple like garbage bags. A box at the dollar store might have ten bags. Head over to a place like Target or Walmart and you might be able to get a box of twenty bags for $1.50. That's $0.50 more but you're getting double the bags and actually saving $0.50.

The article goes on to compare three items at a dollar store and Walmart. Each time, Walmart wins for the best deal.

Does this mean that dollar stores aren't actually saving you money? Of course not. You just need to be a smart shopper and compare prices before buying something. If you need something like plastic table cloths for a party or disposal tins for a pot luck, the dollar store can be your best friend.

Read the full article, Discount Distortion: How Dollar Stores Actually Charge You More, at Daily Finance.


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