What's for Breakfast?


Cheap Breakfast Ideas

Ever since we were children, it's been hammered into our brains that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don't know about you, but I tend to wake up late and rush to get ready for work before heading out the door. Often, I stop at a drive thru to grab something for breakfast.

How much money can I save a week by making breakfast at home? A lot. Think of a bagel with cream cheese. At the local coffee shop it costs $2. If I buy bagels and cream cheese at the grocery store it's about $0.70 per bagel, less if I buy on sale, and about $2 for a brick of cream cheese which will cover about eight bagels. That's about $0.95 compared to the $2 of eating out.

What other breakfasts can be made quick to run out the door? There are tons of options. You can even make a few breakfasts on Sunday and just pull them out of the fridge. A dozen eggs can cost about $1. Boil the eggs and leave them pealed in the fridge for a fast breakfast. Oatmeal takes less than two minutes to cook in the microwave and you can even make it at work.

No matter what I have for breakfast, milk is always something I need to pull out of the fridge.  Whether I'm pouring it over cereal, in my coffee, or just drinking a quick glass on my way out, I always make sure to have a bottle in the fridge. I think it's just another thing that's been hammered into our brains. As a kid, I collected the milk mustache ads from magazines. Anyone remember the Rugrats chocolate milk mustache ad?

So what cheap and easy breakfasts can you think of to make at home before running out the door? Leave a comment.

Disclaimer: By writing this post I am entered to win a pre-paid Visa from @MilkMustache.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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