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Since I was younger, I have suffered from what my classmates affectionately referred to as clown checks. Besides the visual symptoms, I have always suffered from sensitive skin that can't deal with most brands of cleansers or makeup.

When I saw the opportunity to interview a celebrity dermatologist for Making Cents of It, I thought it was a wonderful opportunity. Dr. Hilary Baldwin is a sweet dermatologist from Brooklyn who was full of useful information for anyone that suffers from rosacea. Check out my interview below. If you have questions for Dr. Baldwin (or possibility a different dermatologist) tweet with the hashtag #rosaceafacts. If you have rosacia, know that you are not alone and talk to your doctor.

Disclaimer: I interviewed Dr. Baldwin during the BlogHer'12 conference. The interview was arranged by RosaceaFacts.com, who provided me with two gift bags (one for myself and one for a reader). A giveaway will begin soon as its own post. Please check with your own doctor if you believe you have rosacea.


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