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Educational budgets are continuing to get cut all over the country. When schools need to balance their budget, the arts are often the first to be cut. In Here Comes the Boom, a budget cut threatens the music department at a high school. Scott Voss (Kevin James) steps up to save the job of aging music teacher Marty Streb (Henry Winkler).

When Voss learns that the loser in a MMA match still makes $10,000, he claims "I can lose" and goes off to do so. He then learns that it takes more than just signing up to get in the octagon and win the cash. Through the film, we watch Voss train and grow as a person and fighter. The film's title comes from the song that Voss uses to enter the arena and psych out his opponent.

While I didn't think he could do it, Kevin James really sold his role as a novice fighter. He looked comfortable fighting and the camera views were too close for it to be a body double in many of the scenes. I was also impressed with the make-up because when they zoomed in, the bruises on his face looked very realistic. The rest of the cast also did a great job. Stealing her scenes was Charice (playing the character of Malia), as the shy but intelligent student in Mr. Voss' biology class.

The marketing for the film leads you to believe it is a comedy, I'm not sure I would classify it that way. While it has it's funny moments, I found it had a real story line with a beginning, climax, and conclusion. Here Comes the Boom was a true David vs Goliath type of film that will keep you guessing through the end.

I do have one small complaint about the film and that has to do with the money. When the principal is explaining the budget and why he must cut music, he states that they need about $40,000 to save the music department from being cut. Mr. Streb is a veteran teacher that is probably on the higher end of the pay scale. Add in the cost of instruments, music, and other expenses related to a music department and the number goes up higher. I just don't understand how they can cut his position and department but save it for so little.

My personal opinion of this film is that most people will find a reason to enjoy it. There's a real story, fighting, romance, and comedy. I enjoyed the story and found the fight scenes to be realistic. I enjoyed the characters and the story.

Here Comes the Boom will be released nation wide on October 12, 2012. Check your local theaters for possible promotions.

Movie Rating for Here Comes the Boom

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Anonymous said...

Will definitely watch it today with my two boys. We love Kevin James and of course my ultimate favorite Charice!

Cori said...

Enjoy the film.

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