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Thanks to the popularity of shows like Glee and movies like Bring It On, movie studios are trying to profit off the current fascination with singing contests. Enter the new film, Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick's latest film where she is convinced to join an acapella singing group in college.

As far as college campuses go, the basic setting was average. However, I thought a few sets were unique. There were some scenes in an empty pool. It was an atmosphere that didn't add to the story but was just unique and different. I also liked the run down and grungy appearance of the school's radio station. While the movie itself was about an acapella group, there were also some great dance mixes of popular songs. I thought all the music was great and was just a great part of the storyline.

The film had great comic moments including some interesting scenes involving projectile vomiting. And while Anna Kendrick does an amazing job as the film's lead, the minor characters really steal the show.  Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) seems to turn even the simplist of lines into laugh out loud moments. The same goes for Gail (Elizabeth Banks) who commentates the singing competitions throughout the film.

Besides the music, there were also a few different romantic storyline within the film. Typical of a college film, boy meets girl, something keeps them apart, and we're not sure if they'll have a happily ever after. Since the film has an ensemble of characters, there is more than one love story that is explored, however only the major character's story is fully resolved.

My personal opinion of this film is that anyone that enjoys music or college based films will enjoy this one. I thought the acting was well done and the music was incredible. I must confess though, I'm one of those music genre fans.

Pitch Perfect will be released nation wide on October 5, 2012. Fandango is offering a promotion to buy three tickets and get your fourth ticket free.

Movie Rating for Pitch Perfect

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