Hasbro Games Under $5 After Black Friday Sale and Rebate


If you love classic board games or need some inexpensive gifts for a secret Santa, kid, or other reason, I recommend checking out the Hasbro games at Target for Black Friday.

The games are on sale for $7 each but they are even cheaper when you use the Game Night Rebate that is currently being advertised on tv by Neil Patrick Harris.

The rebate works in increments of two games and is good for a maximum of twelve games. For two until eight games, the rebate is $2.50 per game. If you buy ten or twelve games the rebate goes up. The final price of the games will range from $3.67 (twelve games) to $4.50 (two games).

The rebate is for select games and Target sale is also select games. The following is a list that will work for this deal:
  • Connect 4
  • Jenga
  • Monopoly
  • Operation
  • Scrabble

If I make it to Target, I'm going to pick up a few games. For under $5 these will be great for my classroom and Toys for Tots.


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