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Twi-hards can rejoice. After waiting all year since Breaking Dawn Part 1, it is finally time to see the chilling conclusion to the franchise. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the fifth and final film based on The Twilight Saga book series by Stephenie Meyer.

Often with books that are turned into movies, fans complain about changes from the original text. There were changes made once again to this half of Breaking Dawn. Some of the changes were made to speed the story along, while other changes were made to add excitement to the film. Fans will be shocked but ultimately pleased with the changes made from the original text.

At the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1, Bella gave birth to Renesmee and was turned into a vampire by her husband, Edward. Part 2 begins exactly where part 1 ended. There is no "previously seen" type of scene to start the film. The technical parts of the film were incredible as we see from the perspective of a vampire for the first time.

Unlike my complaints about Breaking Dawn Part 1, I felt part 2 was timed much better. At no point did I feel the story line was rushed, nor did I feel it was too slow. They did need to cut parts of the wolf packs in human form, but the scenes that involved the wolves were great, including Jacob's big reveal.

Like every movie in the franchise, Breaking Dawn Part 2 featured new hair styles and new Volvos. I still feel that they had it right in the first film and should have stuck with it for continuity. The partnership with Volvo also removed the Ferrari which Bella was suppose to be driving after her change.

While rated PG-13, there was sex in the film. They really left much to the imagination by mostly showing above the neck and below the ankles. Once again, I felt it was done in a tasteful way and lasted long enough to show the primal behavior of lust without being too much for younger fans.

Writing a review of Breaking Dawn Part 2 is extremely difficult because there is very little I can say without spoiling the film for fans. There were a few things I didn't like such as the hair, but overall I left the theater pleased with the production. I think that all Twilight Saga fans will enjoy this final film. People that have not seen the first four films or read any of the books will be confused since it is a continuation.

I recommend that fans stay through the credits until the screen turns black with white text. They did an amazing tribute to all the cast members of the five films. It has nothing to do with the film itself, but it does add a nice closure to the series.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be released nationwide at 10pm on November 15, 2012, with the official release date of November 16, 2012. Check my weekly post on Cinemit for a list of current deals at the theaters.

Movie Rating for Breaking Dawn Part 2

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