Movie Review: Rise of the Guardians


Just in time for the holiday season, Rise of the Guardians has followed in a long tradition of animated films. While the film includes holiday classics such as Santa and elves, the main character is Jack Frost. 

From the moment the Dreamwork's logo appeared on the screen I was impressed by the 3D effects. They weren't overdone, but I truly felt like I could reach out and touch the snowflakes as they fell. With other scenes the 3D again seemed to add to the visual effects without feeling forced.

Rise of the Guardians tells a story about how the different characters children believe in are actually guardians of the world's youth. By helping the children to believe in something they bring a type of comfort and security to the world. Enter the villain,  Pitch "boogieman" Black, who wants to destroy the guardians and bring fear to the children.

Jack  Frost was a great character and well written. His youthful carefree attitude was a sharp contrast to the seasoned cynical views of the older guardians. He is also the most developed character as the main character in the film. 

My biggest complaint about this film is the supposed timeline. While this story takes place at the North Pole with North, aka Santa, running the show, the characters mention that it is almost Easter. It also centers around Jack Frost who freezes everything, yet we are to believe it is April. I know that the other hemisphere has opposite seasons from us but it was still hard to believe.

My personal opinion of this film is that most people will enjoy it. I liked the twist from normal holiday films. It was a cute story and the characters were blended well. I found myself laughing a lot and hoping for a good ending to the fight.

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Movie Rating for Rise of the Guardians

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