NYSC Offers People a Place to Shower and Recharge During Hurricane Sandy Aftermath


If you are currently powerless because of Hurricane Sandy, NYSC wants to help. The article my sister forwarded to me states that from now until November 14, 2012, non-members can use the facilities at NYSC locations. Weither you need a shower, a charge, or just a place to get out the stress, they want to welcome you in. I went to the official NYSC website and there the invitation was right on their homepage.

Our doors are open to help anyone impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

All of our clubs are opening their doors to Hurricane Sandy victims allowing full use of our facilities. If you need to take a hot shower, charge your cell phone, or recharge your body with a stress-reducing workout, our club is your club. All we ask is that nonmembers bring a towel. (Source: NYSC Website)

In my opinion, this is a great business move. NYSC is showing goodwill to their neighbors and some people that come in might end up joining the club.


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