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Back in November I posted about discounts for green bean casserole. At the time, I mentioned a specific brand of onion because it was the most common and had a coupon available. After making that post, I was contacted by Onion Crunch that told me about their great product and offered me a sample to try and a second bottle to give a lucky reader.

Onion Crunch is a different brand of crunchy onion and I was intrigued when they arrived. The bits look more like real onion pieces than the other brand. Since I only really make casserole for the holidays, I decided to try one of the other suggestions that Onion Crunch offers. I put their onions on a hamburger. I've been known to put sauteed onions on a burger and I've been known to put potato chips in sandwiches (don't laugh) but this crunchy onion was a nice addition to my burger. It added both that onion flavor and that crunchy texture.

I can't really compare the prices because Onion Crunch is only sold at one chain of grocery stores near me and it's not one I frequent unless they're hosting a really good sale. When I compared pricing on Amazon, the Onion Crunch is $3 cheaper for a 12oz package than the other brand.

A giveaway to go along with this review will be coming soon. I had some trouble with Rafflecopter on the last giveaway so I'm trying to decide if I will use it again or go back to comments with selecting a winner. Keep an eye out for the giveaway very soon.

Disclaimer: Onion Crunch sent me a sample of their product along with an additional sample to give a reader. All opinions are 100% mine.


Chef Ray said...

Great in Meatloaf

Cori said...

Thanks for the idea.

Big D said...

It makes a great potatoes au gratin!

Mario said...

Love it as a breading for Chicken Tenders! must try it!
Chef Molto

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