$15 for $25 Pre-Paid American Express


Have you synced your AmEx with Twitter? If not, head over to American Express' website fast and sync up. Then tweet with the hashtag #BuyAmexGiftCard25. You can get a $25 pre-paid American Express for only $15. This deal will go fast so I recommend you hurry.
To be eligible to purchase the American Express Gift Card:

(i) you must have an American Express Card that is synced with Twitter (see sync.americanexpress.com/twitter for more details on how to sync your Card);
(ii) you must Tweet using #BuyAmexGiftCard25;
(iii) you must receive a response message from @AmexSync asking you to Tweet #ConfirmAmexGiftCard25;
(iv) you must confirm your purchase and authorize American Express to charge your Card by Tweeting #ConfirmAmexGiftCard25;
(v) you must receive a response message from @AmexSync confirming successful purchase; AND
(vi) you must receive a confirmation email from American Express stating that the product has been purchased successfully, including all purchase details.

The confirmation purchase Tweet will begin with your @username and will appear in your Mentions tab on the Twitter @ Connect page. The confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided upon successful sync. These terms will be available to you via a link in the confirmation message and in the email message. If you do not receive a response message from @AmexSync or email from American Express confirming purchase, please Contact Us or direct message us at @AskAmex. Quantity is limited. Limit one (1) purchase per Card per product. Products will be shipped via 2-day shipping. The charge will appear on your American Express statement as "Amex Sync via Links." Program Terms and Conditions apply; click here for details.


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