$15 Credit Before New Deal Site Opens


A new daily deal site is coming April 2, 2013. Check out EduCents and sign up now for their mailing list. You'll get a $15 gift credit for your first purchase when they officially open in April.
After years of watching their parents worry over expensive school bills, and then experiencing the monetary stress of education themselves, our founders decided something needed to be done. Educents was born out of the belief that every family deserves access to affordable educational materials.

According to the FAQ page, deals will all be education related including toys, study guides, books, and more. When you join the mailing list you must select a category you represent (don't worry, there is a "other") which includes teacher, parent, college student, and more. I'm not sure if they will be emailing you deals based on what you select or if they just want to know their clientele.


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