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The Host is the latest young adult book to be turned into a movie. Stephenie Meyer, author of The Twilight Saga introduces us to a new science fiction world where aliens have invaded. The alien species, Souls, are parasites that live in the bodies of another species, in this case humans.

To help explain the relationship between the soul and the human, I would compare it to the Trill on Star Trek. It is a being that cannot survive long without a host, hence the title. Unlike Star Trek, humans are not a willing participant in the pairing. In our story Melanie, the human, fights back and tries to regain control of her body. The inner monolgue between Melanie and Wanda is a unique form of story telling and an entertaining addition to the film.

The setting was unique in itself. There were three main settings: a modernized city, a small trailer in the country, and a series of tunnels and caves in the desert. The seekers, a type of police force, had metallic vehicles including cars, motorcycles, and helicopters. They looked very futuristic in a film way, but I doubt we will ever see them in the real world. The cave where the remaining humans lived/hid was also creative; they were living with and without modern conveniences at the same time.

One major problem that people will have with The Host is separating it from your per-conseved opinion of Stephenie Meyer. If you are against Twilight, you might not have any interest in The Host because its the same author. Likewise, if you are a huge fan of Twilight, you might have trouble remembering that it is completely different.

My personal opinion of this film is that anyone that enjoys science fiction will enjoy this film. The love triangle we see is a new form as two men fall in love with the two women that share Melanie's body. I think that there is something for all types of movie fans.

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Movie Rating for The Host

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