Shared Reading: Google Reader is Shutting Down


Did you read today that Google Reader is shutting down? On July 1, 2013 Google Reader will shut down. This is not the first time Google has pulled a service, but Google Reader is considered a leader in the category. So what RSS reader will you use now? There are a few free options and Lifehacker wants to help. They have created a list of the best alternatives.
If you read your RSS feeds in more than one place (that is, if you want to read them at home, at work, or on different devices), you'll want to try a web-based RSS reader, similar to what Google Reader is now. NetVibes (pictured above) is one of the most popular web reader, offering a Google Reader-like interface as well as a snazzy iGoogle-like homepage.
I checked this site and it looks like it's a pay service but they do have a free opinion. I am going to explore around and let you all know. I will also loo for other alternatives that might be a better option.


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