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I love reading but books are getting more and more expensive these days. Have you noticed that you might actually pay more for a digital copy than the physical paperback? I recently registered for a new website called NetGalley which provides review copies of new and upcoming books. Anyone can request review copies but NetGalley gives the publishers the right to decide who the books will go to.

As I read new books, I will post a short review to help you decide if you would like to read the book as well. My reviews will also be posted on GoodReads. These reviews will be completely my thoughts so please remember that I am not an expert on books no matter how many I read and your opinion might differ from mine. Feel free to leave comments on the reviews if you've read the book.

Since the whole point of Making Cents of It is saving money, my rating system will be based on the cost of a book. While I always recommend trying the library first to borrow the book for free, I am basing my rating system on the value of a book. Please refer to the following chart to understand my ratings.


I would stand on line at midnight to buy this book. Everyone will be talking about it by tomorrow and spoilers will be unavoidable. It's a hit and worth every penny.

Wait for a discount coupon or "best seller" discount. This book is great but you don't need to rush out and buy it.

Borrow your friends copy. It's a good read but nothing special.

Skip this book unless it's required reading for a class or book club.

Always check with your local library before buying a book because you can even request that they order a book which isn't currently in their inventory. Many libraries are now offering digital content for eReaders as well.


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