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I've been using VigLink on Making Cents of It for a while now and I know I have mentioned it before. VigLink is an affiliate program that turns the links you post into money makers. To use on a website or blog you can install a small amount of Java code. If you post links on Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites, you can use the VigLink Anywhere feature. You do not need to own a website to start making money. If you are tweeting about a movie, link to the page on Amazon. You won't become rich but maybe it will pay for your next movie.

You can wrap individual links with VigLink, post them anywhere, and our automatic affiliation will go wherever your link goes. Links you post to Twitter, Facebook or even emails can take VigLink and our ever expanding universe of merchants along for the ride. The link will automatically route through VigLink and be associated with your account, just as a link from your website would. VigLink makes it easy to simply post and earn commissions, avoiding the tedious chore of signing up for individual programs and finding the right affiliate link for each post.

My favorite feature about VigLink is something that will benefit anyone that runs a message board. You can override other affiliate links. This means that if someone else posts a link on your site you can still earn some money. I know a few people that run forums for various fanships and use this program to pay for the URL and hosting.


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