Get an AMC Stubs Membership for $2 (After Instant Reward)


If you like movies, you'll love this deal. Right now when you go to AMC Theaters, you can get a membership to AMC Stubs for only $2 after a $10 instant reward. AMC Stubs is one of the few reward programs that have an annual fee. The $12 fee seems high but it gives you free upgrades at the concession stand and a $10 reward for every $100 you spend. Additionally, AMC is always running specials for their members including free screenings. The free movies are normally worth more than the $12 fee.

With the current promotion, you'll get an instant $10 reward when you buy the $12 membership. The reward can be used towards your tickets or snacks. The only catch to this promotion is that you must buy or renew your membership in the theater and cannot buy it online. The membership must be purchased by August 29, 2013.

While this promotion is not posted online, I was able to verify it by contacting AMC's Facebook page.
AMC Theatres Now through August 29, you'll receive $10 in #AMCStubs Bonus Bucks with any new membership or renewal in theatre. -Bobby


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