Hidden Perk with Magazine Subscriptions


With all the free magazine subscriptions available, it's extremely rare for me to actually purchase a subscription. The one exception since college has been Entertainment Weekly. I know what you're thinking, but yes I am that type of person.

Today I was upset to find my copy of EW ripped in my mailbox. I have a wonderful mail person and I understand that stuff happens occasionally, but it's still upsetting to come home and be unable to read the articles.

I logged on to EW's website to see if I could at least read the touching tribute to Cory Monteith online and found out something really cool. It seems that while not all the magazine's content is online, by subscribing to the magazine I also get the digital issue for a tablet or eReader. While creating my password I found another link that allowed me to report a damaged issue. I was given a choice between having the magazine re-sent or having another copy added to the end of my current subscription. That was really a no brainer. I was able to read these articles online and will get another magazine before I need to renew.

If you have any magazine subscriptions, I highly recommend checking out their websites. You might be surprised about the extra free content you're entitled to or little hidden features like reporting a bad delivery. EW didn't need to replace a magazine that was ripped in transit because they're not responsible for the post office but I'm really impressed that they were not only willing to resend it but made the process so easy.


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