Movie Review: Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters


Do you know the truth behind why things disappear in the Bermuda Triangle? If we are to believe the fantasy world that was created by Rick Riordan, the Bermuda Triangle is really a place called the Sea of Monsters. This is where our heroes must travel in the sequel to Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief.

Let's start by answering the question that all fans of the book want to know. Yes, they completely changed things again. Luckily this time the movie was better than its predecessor. Scenes were removed which I'm assuming was for time but the scenes we do see are entertaining. If you've never read the books you won't have the same issue as fans and the movie will actually be enjoyable.

While the younger cast remained the same, a few of the adult actors were replaced. The most noticeable was replacing Pierce Brosnan with Anthony Head as the centaur teacher, Chiron. I felt that Head did a great job in the role, but the costumes worn by Brosnan fit the character better. Chiron is a warrior, not a librarian. There were also additions to the cast for characters that were not seen during the first story. Nathan Fillion, in those UPS shorts, did a great job as Hermes.

The 3D in Percy Jackson was alright however I feel it was over used. There was one scene where something exploded and things flew into the audience. It was enough that some children sitting near me reached out to touch the images. I'm still not a fan of 3D movies in general but I can understand why the industry is continuing to produce in the format.

My personal opinion of Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters is that it did not live up to expectations. From the time production began, fans were led to believe that they would stick closer to the books and they failed to succeed. If you haven't read the books I think you will really enjoy Percy Jackson because you're not aware of all the things they removed. I enjoyed the film but as a fan of the book series I was disappointed in the differences.

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Movie Rating for Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters

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