Shared Reading: When Is It OK for You to (Legally) Swindle a Business?


Often times when it comes to saving money, there is a fine line that we try not to cross. Daily Finance wrote an interesting article about that fine line.

This enterprising grocery shopper found that the packaged blue cheese sold at the store cost more than $14 a pound, so he went over to its self-serve salad bar and filled a container with the blue cheese it offered as a topping. Instead of paying $14 a pound, he got his cheese at the salad bar rate of $4.99 a pound.
While this might seem like a great deal, it's also part of the reason why stores are forced to raise their prices. I know that I am guilty of this when I want nuts because the trailmix is cheaper.

That's a notion we're generally on board with -- retailers get away with all sorts of tricks of their own, from ambiguous fine print to questionable data collection practices. Still, before you declare total war on the corporate world, we think there are some general guidelines you should follow in your savings adventures.
The article as a great set of rules to help you decide if a deal is good or stretching that fine line.

Read the full article on Daily Finance.


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