How to Save Money on Pet Vaccinations


Any pet owner can tell you that vaccinations are an expensive, but necessary, cost of pet ownership. Besides going to your vet, there are other options that will help you save money.

Local Shelters
Many shelters subsidize the cost of medical care for pets because they would rather an animal have a loving home then be abandoned due to financial problems.

Clinic Companies
There are two companies that offer clinics near me and I'm sure there are more throughout the country. The clinics set up either inside or in the parking lot of local pet stores. The company that runs in the parking lot uses a mobile office in a RV. The clinics also offer other preventative care such as Heartgard.

Manufacturer Coupons/Rebates
Just like you can sometimes find deals for your own medicines, pet companies also offer deals. Make sure you read the fine print because these deals often have rules about where you must buy the medicine, such at from a licensed vet and not a store.


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