Free Downloads of All SimplePhysics Games


Do you love science? Building things? SimplePhysics is a series of app games that use realistic science. My favorite game is Dummy Defense, which requires you to build a shelter to protect a dummy from different scenarios.

Today only (possibly until Tuesday), all four apps created by Andrew Garrison are being given away for free. The regular price is $1.99 each. According to the SimplePhysics Facebook page, the games are available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The Reddit post, only links to the Play Store.

  • SimpleRockets - Build rocket ships with realistic physics and explore the solar system.
  • SimplePhysics - Design everything from tree houses to ferris wheels and then simulate your design with a realistic physics engine.
  • Dummy Defense - Protect your dummy from explosions, boulders, spiked walls, and more (using realistic physics, of course!)
  • BridgeBasher - Design a bridge and then destroy it. Oh, if you had not guessed, this one has realistic physics too.

Edit: To be clear, the free version of my games will not include new updates (unless there is some serious bug). The store page for these apps will be taken down tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday, not sure yet).


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