Do You Have AAA Yet?


Are you a AAA member? Since starting Making Cents of It, I have posted numerous times about the benefits of an AAA membership. Besides helping you out with your car, AAA can also help you save money when shopping and traveling. Many stores and malls over discounts for AAA members. You can also save money on hotels, rental cars, and more just for showing your AAA card.

I can't be sure if this current promotion is available everywhere but in my area you can currently get a free upgrade to the "plus" membership for your first year. Some of the upgraded features include farther tow (100 miles instead of 3) and larger discounts for certain features of the membership. Prices differ depending on where you live but the AAA website will automatically detect your region and send you to the correct page.
Limited time offer. Available on new Primary Membership only; * Free upgrade to AAA Plus is for the first year only. Standard rates apply to upgrade Associate Membership(s). Upon renewal, standard rates apply for Primary and Associate Membership(s).

Don't forget that all AAA members are eligible for free identity protection through ProtectMyID. This is a $15 monthly value and after everything that happened last month at Target I'm glad to know that I have this protection. I know it works because after I had called one of my credit cards about something, that same day I received an email from ProtectMyID telling me that there was a change to the limit for one of my accounts.


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