Movie Review: The Other Woman


Imagine you go to surprise the guy you've been dating only to have his wife open the door. This is the basic story line of The Other Woman starring Cameron Diaz. Her character is unknowingly dating a married man.

This movie is the type of film that will leave you hurting from laughing so much. I thought the script was well written and it reminded me of a combination of The The First Wives Club and Bridesmaids. The story is about three women trying to get even with the man that scorned them, however the humor is for a younger generation.

I thought the acting was great because the characters all seemed believable in their roles. The scene stealer was definitely Nicki Minaj as the assistant to Carly (Diaz). Her character didn't fit into a law firm and yet was perfect for the comic relief when Diaz was more professional and less humorous. Afterall, her character was a lawyer so it couldn't be all laughs.

My personal opinion of The Other Woman is that it's a good film for a girls night out. Some of the things they did to get even with the guy seemed a little juvenile (laxatives in the drink) but I still laughed when it was happening. Overall, you will leave the film with an appreciation for your own significant other and a wary eye for any guys you meet at a bar.

The Other Woman will be released nation wide on April 25, 2014. Check out the Facebook pages for your local theaters to see about current promotions.

Movie Rating for The Other Woman

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