Possible Money Maker on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Android


Did you pick up those great free photo apps the other day on Amazon? Each one of the apps came with 100 Amazon Coins. Today, Amazon announced a new promotion for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game costs $6.99, or 699 Amazon Coins. When you buy GTA, you'll get 2000 Amazon Coins for free.

I'm waiting for confirmation that you'll earn the promotional coins if you spend coins, but this is a potential golden opportunity. You'll spend 699 Amazon Coins which you already got for free from previous promotions, and end up with 2000. That's 1301 extra Amazon Coins and a new game. Each coin is equivalent to a penny when buying apps on Amazon.

Edit: I tried it myself and the promotion DOES work if you buy it with coins.


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