Bonus Points for Disney Movie Rewards


There are a few new bonus codes available for Disney Movie Rewards.

50 Points - HT6G7K3XW
15 Points - SUPERBARK
10 Points - JIMINY
5 Points - 29VM48FNDZ
25 Points - BUDDERBALL
10 Points - DMR

I found a few additional codes but when I tried entering them, my account was blocked for too many invalid codes.  The codes above all work and I had entered them prior to the issue.  I have emailed Disney to try and have my account fixed, but take this as a warning when entering these bonus codes.

All past codes posted on Shopping4Deals were entered successfully on my account so they are safe and good to go.  The codes that didn't work are saved in a draft post and if my account is restored I'll try again to see if they actually work before posting them.


Anonymous said...

I have more than one account so I tired half on each account so that I was not blocked out, and all of them say that these codes are not live yet. I am not sure if that means they will be live at some point, but they did not work yet.

Cori said...

That was the comment I got on the other codes right before I was blocked out. The codes I posted worked though.

Maybe Disney realized they were being publicly shared in ways they didn't like so the canceled the codes? It happens on Swagbucks all the time.

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