Back to School Sales Already?


Didn't the summer vacation just begin? I was looking through some of the ads that are already published for next week and it seems that some stores are beginning their back to school sales. Even if you are not a student, teacher, or parent, these sales can really help you out with basic office supplies.

Some of these deals are through the store's reward program so you will have to lay out money. In the past I've heard people mention that they're not really "free" because the reward checks can only be used at the store, unlike rebates with are cash. My thoughts on this are that if you use the rewards to buy things you would be buying anyway it's a great deal. For example, I can always use printer ink and paper so that's what I normally spend the reward checks on.

A reminder to all the teachers out there: Make sure you bring proof that you are a teacher because many of these stores will increase the limit for you on these penny sales.

As I find the deals, I will be posting them. Check the school label to make them easy to find.

If you don't need any of the discounted items, consider donating the items to a local school. I guarantee the teachers will be happy and thankful.


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