Random Free Stuff for Liking Facebook Pages


Today I came across an offer for a free pizza cutter from Prestos Pizza on Facebook. While on there page, I also found a separate offer for a free kitchen apron. If you post the deal on a blog or forum, you'll also get a free oven mitt.

On Presto's page was a link to Wickey catering. To increase their exposure, Wickey is offering a free olive oil sprayer (LINK REMOVED) when you share their page on Facebook, Twitter, a blog, etc.

Disclaimer: I never heard of these companies prior to finding their Facebook pages while clicking from one to another.

Update: I receieved an email from Wickey informing me that someone published a phoney Facebook page in their name and that there is no offer for a free olive oil sprayer. I have removed the link from this post, but please be advised.


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