Free Tall Starbucks Refresher on Friday July 13


When I was at Starbucks today, I tasted a great new beverage. Starbucks Refreshers are made from green coffee, which is basically just pre-roasted beans.
All coffee starts as a green bean. Now there's a reason to keep it that way. Traditionally, after coffee is harvested, green coffee beans are roasted to bring out the dark colors and bold flavors coffee is famous for.

But now, Starbucks is using an innovative process to pull the naturally occurring caffeine and other good stuff from 100% green arabica coffee beans before they are roasted. The result is Green Coffee Extract - the natural energy from coffee, but with none of the coffee flavor.

The location I was at today was giving out small samples, but the company wants everyone to try this new beverage. Head over to Starbucks on Friday, July 13, 2012 from 12-3pm and you can get a free tall refresher. It comes in two flavors at the stores: Cool Lime and Very Berry Hibiscus. The Cool Lime tasted like a mojito and the Very Berry Hibiscus reminded me of their Passion Ice Tea. Both favors where yummy, even if I only had a sip worth of each.


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