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Are you planning a vacation this summer? Daily Finance wants to remind you not to make one of the common, costly, mistakes.
Forgetting Who Your Friends Are
Military discounts. Student rates. Professional and hobbyist associations. Special rates come in all shapes and sizes, and you never know which one will get you the farthest.
Always ask if a hotel offers discounts and make sure you list off any possible membership you might have. I worked in a hotel in college, and I couldn't give a discount unless I was specifically asked. You could say you were traveling for work, but some businesses had arrangements with the hotel for a discount. Say the name of the business you are traveling to/from.

Not Buying in Bulk
If you're spending more than a few days in a city, or visiting several parks or national areas, investing in an area pass will pay off in spades.
Cities love tourists and they always offer packages to invite you to visit. Check your destination out online before you go and consider buying a package.

Eating Your Budget
Part of the experience of traveling is enjoying the local cuisine.
Check out Groupon,, and other deal sites before going on vacation to help you save money.

Being Overly Accommodating
To the finicky traveler, all hotels are not created equal.
Small extras can add up quickly. Check what each hotel offers and determine what you are going to need during your vacation. Free wifi? Continental breakfast? Business center with a printer and/or fax? These little things are free at some hotels and costly at others.

Check out the full article, The 4 Most Expensive Travel Mistakes You Can Make, at Daily Finance for more details on how to save.


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