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Hit & Run is the new film starring the real life couple of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Their chemistry in the film was great and you could really see the love in their eyes but the characters weren't completely believable. We have Annie (Bell), the college professor with a Ph.D. and Charlie (Shepard), the cute but jobless guy she's seeing. As we've seen in the trailers, Charlie is actually in witness protection and that's where the film's action comes from. However, I can't see this couple existing in real life.

The action scenes were intense and mostly well choreographed. The cars and driving were crazy. We saw everything involved in chases from mini vans to station wagons to custom built sport cars. The action scenes also included some shooting and Tom Arnold's character added lots of humor during these scenes.

There were multiple times when raciest or homophobic jokes were made, however I thought it was done in an interesting way. At one point, the two main characters got into a humorous discussion about why it was inappropriate to use a specific word, that has a homophobic tone even when not being used to describe a person. Considering that the two actors have publicly announced that they would not get married until everyone can, I thought it was a nice subtle show of support.

At under two hours the film is short but didn't feel it. I think that the film was well paced and that if they had added scenes to make it longer, it would have felt forced and not funny. I didn't look at my watch during the movie, and it felt right when it ended. There is a scene during the creates with a great cameo from a funny person. I won't say more to prevent giving anything away.

My personal opinion of this film is that everyone can enjoy it. It's a romantic comedy that has action. I thought the cast did a great job showing both humor and drama, along with some suspense. 

Hit & Run will be released nation wide on August 22, 2012. There aren't many mid-week coupons available, but check your local theater's Facebook page to find deals towards the concession stand.

Movie Rating for Hit & Run

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