Things You Never Want to Buy from a Deals Site


Daily Deal Sites | Deals to Avoid Let's face it, we all want to save money. However the expression "too good to be true" can be true when it comes to deals. Sometimes you need to spend more money for your own peace of mind. I have compiled a list of deals I have seen posted in the past on one of many deal sites. It doesn't mean the sites are bad. I've had some great deals on things like meals, entertainment, and massages. It does however mean that you should reconsider the value of the promotion prior to rushing to purchase it before the timer runs out.

When it comes to expensive electronics such as televisions and tablets we're all looking for a good deal, but at what price? If the gadget arrives non-functioning who will you contact. What about a year from now when your television suddenly won't turn on? That deal might not be so great anymore. The best thing you can do is compare different products and manufacturer/store extended warranty plans. Do your homework and you will end up saving more in the long run than the impulse purchase today because the tablet is $99 but the sale ends in three hours.

I've read horror story after horror story from people that booked great "deals" on vacations from popular deal sites. Whether the deal is being offered by a travel agent, tour guide, or the site itself, it seems that communication always breaks down and the customer ends up suffering as everyone plays the blame game but no one wants to help make things right. Read the fine print and make sure there is a cancellation option if you order a vacation. Otherwise, you'd be smarter booking yourself or using a reputable travel agency.

Cleaning Services
I've personally experienced, and read on Yelp, more complaints about cleaning services than anything else. It seems that people are starting cleaning companies and advertising on deal sites. Then when you purchase the deal and call to book your appointment, you'll get the run around about them being booked or the additional "mandatory" fees that you'll need to pay when they arrive. This doesn't mean that every cleaning service on a deal site is a scam, but check reviews online before purchasing to save yourself the headache.

Medical/Dental Services
I've never read complaints about these services, but I'm personally wary about buying a deal when it comes to my health. Normally when it comes to doctors, dentists, vets, etc. I rely on the recommendations of friends and family in the area. For some services it might be alright, but just be smart and research the provider before purchasing.

Auto Services
Just like your body, you don't want just anyone working on your car. Buying a discounted oil change might seem like a safe purchase, but watch the mechanic magically find hundreds of dollars worth of safety issues during their courtesy check. I recently had my car fail its annual inspection because they said the break pads were too worn but they could replace them for $400 and pass the car. I went to this place because of a half price coupon on the back of my grocery receipt. I called the local dealership that normally works on my car and they quoted me a lower price over the phone so I left. Ten minutes after dropping my car off at the dealership I get a call that they wanted to confirm what repair was being done because the break pads appeared fine.


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